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Packaged Rooftop Units - Heat Pump

Carrier provides a complete line of packaged rooftop units with Puron® refrigerant including gas heating/electric cooling and electric cooling with optional electric heat to meet demanding HVAC systems requirements.

Constant Volume Units

Rooftop Unit Model Details Capacity (Tons) Efficiency (EER/SEER*) Key Document
Infinity™50XT2 - 512.0/15.5Product Catalog
Infinity™50XT-A2 - 512.0/15.5Product Catalog
Performance™50VT2 - 512.0/14.5Product Catalog
Performance™50VT-A2 - 512.0/14.5Product Catalog
Comfort™50EZ2 - 511.0/13.0Product Catalog
Comfort™50EZ-A2 - 511.0/13.0Product Catalog
WeatherMaster®50HCQ3 - 1012.8/15.8Product Catalog
WeatherMaker®50TCQ3 - 12.511.2/13.4Product Catalog
WeatherMaker®50TCQ15 - 2010.8/11.5Product Catalog

* For 65,000 Btuh models and below. For models higher than 65,000 Btuh, denotes IEER.